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Tarifa's Main Spots

Tarifa has two kitesurfing zones; Dos Mares and Valdevaqueros. Both spots are very popular, although many of the locals prefer to use the zone at Valdevaqueros.

Playa de Los Lances (Dos Mares) 

Los Lances Beach

This zone has the advantage of being very long and rockless. The beach there is also very wide which makes it perfect for lessons and practicing your kite skills before you hit the water with your board. It is a great spot for Poniente winds (side on shore).This zone however can be dangerous in Levante winds (side-off shore)…don't rig up and kite there on your own - if you drop your kite in the sea, and can't relaunch it then it's either a long swim back after saying goodbye to your favourite toy or (if you miss the headland 5 miles away) it's an unplanned trip to Morocco!

During the summer months the zones are enforced – you must not launch outside of the zone. The zone is separated into 2 parts; one for schools and the other for free kiting. Be sure sure to respect the zones and stay out of the school zone if you're not having a lesson.



Although smaller, Valdevaqueros is a great spot with awesome views of the sand dunes. Kiters go there in Poniente and Levante. Some rocks at the end of the beach can be hazarous so make sure you are aware where they are and ask advice from the Triple T team. This spot is the safest kite zone to be in with Levante winds (off shore wind) because of the curve of the shore and the headland of Punta Paloma...your stopping point before the Atlantic Ocean!


The Alternative Levante Spots

When Levante is raging through Tarifa and it doesn't seem safe to go outside, let alone consider rigging your kite, here are some alternative spots where the wind will be a little tamer!

Los Caños de Meca

Caños de Meca

Caños de Meca


The spot is 60km from Tarifa, but worth the drive because when Caños is good it can be epic. Start by following signs to Cadiz. Drive past town called 'Vejer' and follow sign posts to Caños.

Level? Good level is necessary as there are rocks to avoid and usually quite big waves and a mean shore break.

Wind? Wind direction ranges from on shore to side off shore, depending which part of the beach you're kiting on.





Playa Getares 

Playa Getares with views to Gibraltar

Where? Drive towards Algeciras (18km) and turn right at first set of traffic lights as you enter the town. Follow signs for Playa Getares. Big views of Gibraltar.

Level? Beach is good for practicing kite skills. Wind is onshore and there are often waves, so can be difficult for beginners to get in.

Wind? Onshore to side onshore.



Playa PalmonesPlaya Palmones

Where? Drive approx 7km past Algeciras and take right turn off motor way at Carrefour and Mc Donalds – Exit 112. Follow signs for Playa Palmones. Harbour spot with some v big ships close by! Safe spot tho.

Level? All levels. Very good spot for practicing waterstart as waves usually small and water shallow for quite a way out.

Wind? Side/on shore.  


Soto Grande

Soto Grande on a calm day


Where? Past Algeciras - approximately 60 km from Tarifa. Follow signs to Puerto Soto Grande

Level? Good level - often big waves.

Wind? Side/on shore and usually stronger than Palmones and Getares.




Remember that the kite zones are strictly enforced during the summer months of July, August and September and there is little tolerance for kitesurfing outside these zones. The beach is completely packed in summer and the separation of swimmers and kiters is a good idea. Outside of the summer season you will often see kiters everywhere...