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Tarifa Max Kite Surfing School...Experience makes the difference!!   Certificate of Excellence for Tarifa Max Kite School 2016   Kitessurifn Course in Tarifa from 18€ per hour








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Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School has been giving kite surfing courses since 1998 making us one of the most experienced schools with proven techniques to ensure you learn to kitesurf quickly, safely and with a lot of fun.   


Address: Tarifa Max Kitesurfing, Calle Batalla del Salado no. 92 (Sirocco Café), Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain  GPS: 36°01'08.9"N 5°36'32.3"W

Kite house accomodation; Calle Juan de la Cierva n.7, 11380 Tarifa, Spain

We offer a daily free shuttle service to the beach from our premises in the Sirocco Bar in town in front of the petrol station to ensure you get to the beach as quickly and easily as possible.


Tarifa Max kitesurfing school beach flag at Vadevaqueros beach in Tarifa Spain. Contact info@tarifa max.net or call 0034 696 558 227   Tarifa Max kitesurfing school vans, free pick up at Los Lances beach in Tarifa Spain. Contact us info@tarifamax.net or call 0034 696 558 227





Don't just think about it...do it!! And let the Tarifa Max Kitesurfing team take care of the details.




Tarifa Max kitesurfing school instructor helping in the water. Contact to book your kite lesson in Tarifa info@tarifamax.net Kitesurfing waterstart with Tarifa Max school instructor in the water at Los Lances beach spot. book your kite lesson in Tarifa at info@tarifamax.net


The difference with our school is that the instructor will be with you in the water dedicated to achieve the best progession. The teacher will be there to help you with the board giving you the possibility to get up on the board from the start.

Our experience makes the difference! Teaching kitesurfing in Tarifa since 1998!




Kitesurfing waterstart with Tarifa Max kiteschool at Los Lances beach in Tarifa Spain. Book your kitesurf cours at info@tarifamax.net


Tarifa Max kitesurfing boat rescue ion Los Lances beach Tarifa kite spot with Tarifamax kitesurf school. Book your kitesurfing lesson at info@tarifamax.net


Rescue boat Tarifa Max kite school on Los Lance kitesurf spot beach. Kite lesson booking info@tarifamax.net







We have 2 rescue boats at our disposition for everyone to enjoy riding safely....and always on call in Tarifa is the life guard rescue boat from the Red Cross. So, no worries! Just enjoy yourself and let us take care of everything for you.


We teach in all the following languages: 


English Kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa Spain with Tarifa Max kitesurfing contact info@tarifamax.net

    Cours de kitesurf a Tarifa Espgne en Francais, plus d´info www.ecole-kitesurf-tarifa.com    Curso de kitesurf en Español con Tarifa Max escuela de kitesurf. www.cursokitetarifa.es   

Kitesurfing lesson in Deutsch with Tarifa Max kiteschool. www.kiteschule-tarifa-max.com


Kitesurfing lesson in Italiano en Tarifa


Português kitesurfing courses in Tarifa with Tarifa Max kitesurfing. Booking info@tarifamax.net


Welcome to Tarifa Max Kitesurfing where you will find IKO kitesurfing instructors and accommodation packages in Tarifa, the most southern point of Spain; the kite surfing Mecca of the Northern Hemisphere. 

We offer all year round tailor-made kitesurfing courses and accommodation packages, in our new Kite Houseto suit any budget and any group size.

Whether you're a complete beginner, up and riding or a certified Pro, we can accommodate you and your needs. 

Write a review on Trip advisor about your kitesurfing experience in Tarifa Max kitesurfing school."Brilliant!!"

I could't have asked for more! My instructor was Robert, who's been working with Mathieu for 4 seasons so he really knows what he's doing. He was patient, attentive, humorous and most of all passionate - this guy LOVES kitesurfing! His passion is infectious and he'll make sure you have the best time possible! I couldn't recommend him more. As for the school, Mathieu (the owner) has been into kiteboarding since the start (he helped build the first boards) and his school has a great reputation (everyone will say hi to your instructor on the beach :). They have all the gear you'll need and will help with anything. I used so many kites, 5 meters all the way to 15 meters. They had everything I needed and went the extra mile...picking me up, changing days, squeezing in more lessons. Loved it!! .....should probably add, I did private lessons which was definitely worth it. I had 5 days of lessons - by day two I was up and moving some of the time and by the final day I was powering over waves and landing a few mini (unintentional) jumps :) 

CharlieC88  May 2016

We apreciate your review on Tripadvisor about your kite lesson experience with Tarifa Max kiteschool in Tarifa Spain."Outstanding!!!" 

Our daughter and I followed a three day course with Max kitesurfschool.
They have been teaching a long time and were one of the first schools in Tarifa. It is quality they are after, not just filling pockets.

Rachel, Robert and Carlos were very good instructors, professional, dedicated and very safety minded.
In the background Mathew was as a spider in the web, keeping contact through whatsapp and trying to find sollutions for our last day when the wind was rather light. And he did!
We will be back and I recommend anybody who is interested in good instruction with absolute value for money to contact them.

L K Benebroek May 2016


Learn the basics of kitesurfing with Tarifa Max kitesurfing School on Los Lances Beach in Tarifa Spain.Booking info@tarifamax.net

Bodydragging in the water in Vadevaqueros kite spot in Tarifa, with Tarifa Max kitesurfing IKO instructor. Book your course info@tarifamax.net

Learn to waterstart in Tarifan with instructor with you in the water. Our commitement at Tarifa Max Kitesurfing school Spain

Riding the waves kitesurfing at Punta Paloma kite spot in Tarifa Spain with Tarifa Max kiteschool.

Learn to rig, launch and control 4 line kite

Control and take power with kite in the water.

Learn the waterstart and start riding. The instructor will come into the wáter with you.

Go and have some fun!

Our packages include instruction for beginners to intermediate riders, who need a confidence boost, as well as equipment rental, supervision and advanced coaching from our team riders to help you nail whatever trick you've been working on. 


Book a week course for as little as 285€

Kitesurfing advance lessons at Tarifa Los Lances kite beach with Tarifa Max Kitesurfing

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Kitesurfing wave riding in Tarifa Spain Vadevaqueros kite beach with Tarifa Max kitesurfing. Book your strap less kite lesson at info@tarifamax.net

At the end of your kite lesson you'll get your own official IKO card.

 Get your IKO ( International Kiteboarding Organistion) at Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School in Tarifa Spain. Book your kite lesson at info@tarifamax.net


Where to find us...

We are based in the Sirocco Café, on the main Street of Tarifa, Calle Batalla del Salado n.92, in front of the bus station and the Repsol petrol station. 



   Find Tarifa Max School on the main street of Tarifa, Cadiz

Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School


Calle Batalla del Salado 92



Tarifa is serviced by 4 airports - Malaga, Seville, Jerez and the closest which is Gibraltar (just 40 minutes drive). The most commonly used however is Malaga and most British airports operate more than one flight per day there. The main airlines operating this service are Easyjet, Ryanair, Monarch and British Airways to name but a few and once you arrive in Malaga it's only an hour and half drive to Tarifa! 



Apart from amazing beaches for kitesurfing Tarifa is a top spot for mountain biking, hiking and trail running







Getting from Malaga to Tarifa is very easy and there are a number of options. The cheapest is by bus and there is a regular service operating from Malaga airport, via Algeciras, to Tarifa. Grab the shuttle bus just outside the arrival terminal to Malaga centre. Once there take the direct bus to Algeciras bus station and from there the bus to Tarifa. The two companies running this service are COMES and portillo.


There are also a number of large car rental companies whose desks are to be found downstairs below the main airport terminal with a vast array of vehicles of all sizes to accommodate your group. Prices start from as little as 20€ a day. Find the best deal in:www.doyouspain.com

Also check out Malaga Autos and SIXT car rentals:

Malaga Autos SIXT car rental


 Have a look at the photos of the courses day by day and get all the news in our new blog:



Special offer course 18h/h  


Los Lance kitesurfing beach spot in Tarifa Spain. Come and take your kite lesson with Tarifa Max kitesurfing school the oldest kiteschool in Tarifa Spain. Booking info@tarifamax.net or call 0034 696 558 227


You can find us on Need2Kite for more information about our school and Tarifa.

See you on the beach!  


  Ton cours de kitesurf a Tarifa en Francais avec l´ecole Tarifa Max Kitesurfing, a Tarifa depuis 1998 Español  français


For any more information contact us:          +34 696558227           info@tarifamax.net 

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Tarifa Maxa kitesurfing wave riding kite lesson, for advance rider.